Sunday, October 9, 2011

A wonderful fall weekend!!

It's Sunday night and Doug and I are exhausted after a fun-filled weekend!  Hopefully the boys enjoyed it as much as we did!!  Yesterday morning the boys had their regular Saturday morning activities, Marta took Carter to swim class and Doug took Oliver to soccer.  After naps, we hit the road to Berryville, a cute little town, about 35 miles west of us.  I had purchased a Groupon for apple picking at a farm out there.  It was a 45 minute drive and we arrived right after 4.  The woman told us that the only apples left for picking were pink lady.  We headed out to the orchard, only to find that the only pink ladies were WAAAY to high up to reach.  We bagged that idea and headed to the corn maze.  They estimate that it takes about an hour to get through it, but Doug, as if in training for The Amazing Race, got us through in just 20 minutes.  I still think it was the promise of ice cream back at the restaurant at the farm that pushed him through.  :)  I don't think that the boys really knew what to make of the maze, they just trucked along...

After the maze, we headed back to the store/restaurant for apple and pumpkin frozen yogurt.  Oliver enjoyed his!  He ate the whole thing!!

Today was the open house at the Ashburn Fire Station.  We got there early since it was from 12-3 and we wanted to ride on the fire trucks before naps.  Once again, we rode inside the truck.  There wasn't a peep from either of the boys...They were entranced!

After naps we played outside for a while, Oliver played basketball and rode his new scooter, a bday gift from Mimi.  Carter threw rocks in the firepit, his favorite outdoor past-time, and Crosby lounged with Cooper on the couch on the deck, Cooper's favorite past-time.  :) 

Later, we ran to a nursery about 5 minutes from our house to get potted mums for the front steps of the house.  We also wanted to get our pumpkins that will turn into our jack-o-lanterns in a few short weeks.  The bonus of the nursery is that they had a slide and a moonbounce, which Oliver LOVED.  We will be heading back there at least one more time this month.

By the time we took this picture, Oliver couldn't WAIT to get back into the moonbounce, after being forced to ride in the wagon and "help" pick out pumpkins...

Another weekend in the books, and what an amazing one it was!  So much to get done in the next 3 days before we leave for Vegas on Thursday...

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