Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Lot has happened in the last 9 days since I posted, the highlight of which, was Carter starting kindergarten.  I still can't believe that I have a kindergartener!  Luckily for all of us (mostly Carter) it was a super easy transition since he's still at the school that he attended for all three years of preschool.  It was literally a move the next classroom over.  He knows a couple of his classmates and has the same OT and speech therapists.  Familiarity is good for him so this set all of our minds at ease.  The highlight of his school experience is riding the bus.  :)  Here is a photo of Carter on his first day of preschool, back in 2010, when he couldn't walk independently, and relied on his reverse walker to get around.

And here he is on the first day of kindergarten on September 3rd, 2013.

Oliver started his first day of 4's preschool on Tuesday of this week.  He was SO excited (as you can see).  He is attending 5 mornings per week and staying until 1:30pm for lunch bunch M-W.  His buddy John's mom is nice enough to bring him home for me on lunch bunch days since his brother are (usually) sleeping. 

Oliver also started soccer this week.  We were kind of bummed to find out that all of his games are at 1pm on Saturdays since he does still nap most days, but he really enjoyed week 1.  Hope it continues to go well.  It was a little chaotic on the field with the kids all bumping into each other while they were learning a variety of skills...

Crosby is starting to enjoy his three mornings a week of mommy time, now that school has started. He has a tumbling class on Tuesday mornings and swimming on Wednesday mornings. Tomorrow is the big day for him.  He has 45 minutes of "get-to-know-the-classroom" time then Friday I cut the cord.  I'm hopeful that he'll love it and things will go well for him.  I look forward to being super productive in my ~6 hours/week of kid-free morning time.  :)

More pics to come after Crosby starts school...

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