Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sleep training...It's hard but it works!!

It's been exactly a week since Amy came over to sleep train baby Crosby and my life has improved a lot in the past week.  Things still aren't where I want them to be but we are well on our way...

When Amy arrived last Tuesday, Crosby had to be rocked to sleep for every nap and every night at bedtime.  Many times we would THINK he was asleep, only to get downstairs and have to race back up to console him and rock him back to sleep.  I knew it was a problem but it's SOOOO hard to listen to your baby cry for an extended period of time.  Crosby was also waking up 4-5x/night and I was breastfeeding him each and every time.  I knew that he wasn't that hungry but that it was a bad habit that I wasn't ready to break b/c I was SO tired that it was easier for me to jump up and feed him, knowing that he'd eat and go right back to sleep and then I could too.

The only perk that I can see so far of having a main-floor master with little kids is that if you want to be away from their crying at night, it's a good place to sleep.  So Tuesday and Wednesday night, Doug and I slept in our master bedroom for the first time in YEARS!  We literally haven't slept in there since before Carter moved to his crib, over 3.5 years ago!!  Amy got up with Crosby and we slept (I only heard him once in two nights!).  In just a few short days, Crosby is now putting himself to sleep for naps and bedtime, sometimes with no crying at all, sometimes 5 or so minutes and is getting up twice per night.  I am only feeding him once per night and hoping that he'll soon only wake up once and soon after not at all...The challenge has been trying to get him to eat more during the day, which is hard b/c if he's not hungry, there's not making him eat.

Crosby is definitely a much happier baby with better nighttime sleep.  I really feel like he grew up, just this weekend.  He is so alert and playful and he is happy to play on his own and roll around the floor for up to 45 minutes...My baby is growing up, FAST!!

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